Morrells Electro Plating, Inc. is a metal finishing/chemical processing company that was revitalized by the Gipoor-Esfandi Partnership in 2002 to provide the aerospace and aircraft industry with much-needed superior service. Located in Compton, California, Morrells has earned itself a reputation for well-timed quality work that manufacturers worldwide can depend on to meet their industrial needs. The Company’s early success has led to the quick expansion of the Company’s facilities. Morrells now sits on over 4 acres and contains state-of-the-art paint booths, ovens up to 60 feet long, tanks up to 10 feet deep and 60 feet long, a Non-Destructive Testing area, and testing and wet lab laboratories. Other features of the Company include, a 20 foot sand blasting area, a vast waste treatment center, an in-house maintenance crew and an IT department ready to serve the Company day and night to ensure that Morrells keeps its commitment of on-time quality service. Moreover, the Company’s vast size and advanced capabilities allow us to fill a unique niche within the industry, where we can cater to various needs for all kinds of customers.

Throughout the years Morrells has significantly increased its number of approvals. Currently, the Company obtains approvals from Lockheed-Martin, Boeing, Airbus, Bombardier, Gulfstream and Northrop Grumman. Furthermore, Morrells has consistently held both NADCAP and AS 9100 approvals for its services. Services include, anodizing, chemical conversion coatings, painting/organic coatings, chemical cleaning, blasting, and non-destructive inspection.

The Company has also worked hard to fall in compliance with environmental regulations at the local, state and federal levels. Morrells is inspected by a variety of agencies such as the, EPA, Los Angeles County Sanitation Districts, Southern California Air Quality Management Districts, Los Angeles County Fire Department and the City of Compton Code Enforcement Division. Environmental compliance is a top priority for the Company and we constantly work to meet our civil obligations as a responsible member of the business community.

As the Company looks to progress, it continues to try to reduce turn-around times, create more stringent process requirements, acquire more environmental-friendly technologies and procedures and create a loyal customer base. Come visit us at 436 E. Euclid St. Compton, California 90222 to learn more about us.